RE perceptionReverse Engineering Consultancy

There are numerous reasons why someone would need Reverse Engineering, starting with hunting bugs in own software and ending with checking untrustworthy partners, who, as it seems to you, are using your intellectual property without permission and for free, or suspicious competitors, who may have adopted your intellectual property for their product(s) and benefit from efforts and investments of your company (to put it simple - steal your time, money and other resources and such assets as customers, who would have been with you otherwise).

Or may be you are developing your own anti-debugging/anti-reversing protection, in such case it is important to assess its power. If you do not have on-site (or remote) team of reverse engineers, then we are here to assist.

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Obfuscated codeDevelopment of Software Protection

Software product as a whole, or just certain parts of it deserve to be protected. Every intellectual property represents someone's thought and effort in the first place and, of course, something that attracts your customers. Without such protection, you risk losing your customers and your leadership in the field. More than this, without such protection, you risk losing your revenue. For example, software piracy. There are numerous software DRM solutions out there, but none of them ever prevented any software from being used illegaly or reverse engineered. Of-the-shelf, software protectors add some complication as well, but still are not an unbreakable obstacle (sometimes due to poor design thereof, sometimes due to lousy usage). 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "unbreakable" protection. However, there is such thing as "unprofitable protection" ("unprofitable" for attacker, of course). This means protection that either takes too much time to break or cannot be fully broken at all. We offer individual approach to clients as a whole and for each issue in particular. Working with us, you will get:

  • Individual approach for every project
    We believe, that each project has its own specifics, therefore, each project has to be treated in a special, project specific, way, in order to achieve the best result.
  • Execution flow / data obfuscation
    Every algorithm has its features, its requirements and its sensitive fragments that need to be treated with special care and we pay a lot of attention to these "small" things.
  • And much more


"Haze" library

 "Haze" is a flexible obfuscation framework which, first of all, aims at hiding the data being processed but also takes care of algorithm obfuscation, making reversing thereof a non trivial task.


Additional products are at their early development stages, therefore, we invite you to either contact us via the contact form.